Regular Window Maintenance Tips

As you proceed to your household chore routine, do not ever ignore the regular maintenance of your windows. As a matter of fact, it is a very essential aspect which will keep the windows of your house in good shape and extend their longevity as well. Properly maintained windows improve the appearance and security of your house. Debris, dust, rain, and temperature fluctuations all of these try to penetrate to your windows. In addition to that, these external factors contribute to the wear and tear of your windows. The following are some of the regular window maintenance tips and window repair Egress that could help keep your windows in good shape and extend longevity:

1. Cleaning

For wooden windows, wipe down regularly with the use of a damp cloth. This removes dirt and dust. Refrain from using too much water because it promotes rotting of your windows due to contact with water or moisture.

Wash aluminum-framed and vinyl windows using soft scrubbing brush and a mild detergent. Glass cleaners help leave the windows sparkling clean. Make sure to clean your window casing as well as the adjacent wall area. This reduces the buildup of debris and dirt in your window components that usually contributes to window jams.

2. Sealing

Gaps around the windows allow air to penetrate and promote exit of warm air from the inside. It helps reduce the efficiency of energy of your house, resulting to greater energy bills for you. Replace all of the worn out or damaged rubber seals. It reduces water and air leaks. Also, it helps to secure your windows in place. Use caulk or spray-form insulation to help seal the windows of your home.

3. Regular Inspection

Undertake a comprehensive inspection of your windows regularly. Examine the condition of your window sash and frame. Use may use metal probe to see for signs of rot that could indicate infiltration of moisture.

Furthermore, check for any signs of moisture in triple or double-paned windows. This shows that the seal has damaged and needs to be replaced. A damaged seal decreases insulation capacity of the windows. The sun can actually cause some particular portions of your window frame to become warp and brittle. Paint may also have peeled off in some portions of the windows.

Check the condition of your windows during the inspection if you have a weather stripping on your windows. Make appointments for replacement if the weather stripping has already worn out or damaged. Check for gaps in between your window wall and casing. These may be filled with latex caulk.

4. Damaged Parts

Take actions on any cracks, splinters and holes in your windows as soon as you see them. The longer you take interventions to these damaged portions, the more your window will deteriorate. Once you know the sections that are rotten in the wooden windows, you may use a screwdriver in order to clean out bad wood, then fill the holes and cracks using epoxy putty. Use several coats for the best outcomes.

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